Flamingo is a Customer Journey platform that allows businesses to talk to their customers in a more organic and individual way.

Client: Flamingo
UX, Human Computer Interaction, Product Development



Grade helped Flamingo to develop and improve their product workflow and functionality within the three core user systems: customer, vendor and creator.

Grade's detailed and considered wireframes identified and solved Flamingo's complexities. 

Through an iterative approach working in conjunction with consulting Design Strategist Fiona Ingram, Grade systematically worked through the challenges and requirements of a very complicated User Journey creation system, an administrative vendor interface, as well as considering the end users – customer service representatives, and customers themselves.

Grade designed an interface that would allow the User Journey to branch organically along different paths depending on the response of each customer. This system needed to be fully configurable and allow the vendor to create endless variations of questions, using multiple question types with multiple related questions, without becoming overwhelming or confusing.

Finally, to help the client visualise a real-world solution Grade put together a selection of colourways with a layout closer to a final product.


"You picked up on the previous work of a pretty complex process and persevered to understand & design a lot of abstract & convoluted functions & interactions."

Fiona Ingram, Design Strategist Flamingo



"We have been very impressed and we are very appreciative of the level of thought put into the work."

Dr Catriona Wallace, Founder