Grade is a digital product and venture studio.

We solve problems by creating human-centered digital experiences, with a focus on quality and simplicity, that often hides vast complexity and subtlety.

We help businesses, brands and founders realise their product aspirations by investing experience, knowledge, skill, and occasionally capital; creating and enriching their IP, whilst leveraging our own.

Through all of this we are guided by ESG focussed principles that inform what we make and with whom.

We choose to make good things happen for partners that fulfil our own ESG framework to ensure that we're only taking part in conscious capitalism.

We make good things, and we make good things happen.

Fundamentally, we’re makers. We delight in excelling at our craft of building digital products for our clients and ourselves. We make good things.

Since day one we’ve been committed to making good things happen for our team mates, our clients and our partners. This is, and will always be our guiding principle.

Over the years we've helped NFPs, startups, governments and corporates deliver social programs, customer platforms, governance initiatives as well as commercial products and ensured that everything is delivered with ESG guidelines as our core value. We make good things happen. We take comfort in knowing we're capitalists with a conscience.

Fulfilment is a fickle beast, and we know that helping others, producing great work and enjoying the day to day gives us the best chance of attaining it.

That we manage it working remotely, with flexible work-life balance, and in an environment of respect and collaboration, is absolutely a bonus!

We have four simple values that help us remain fulfilled in what we do every day.


We have high expectations of ourselves and our partners. We get that principles can sometimes come with a cost.


We don’t push back excessively, and have a healthy dose of irreverence - the creation of technology can mean an ambiguous journey, we recognise this and remain grounded by it.


We seek out true partners, because that’s what we are as colleagues to each other. We invest heavily in our team, and similarly in our partners. Mutual respect is the backbone of this.


Both with ourselves and our partners. We’re not saving lives, and being upfront always makes things easier anyway 🤣

Grade was founded, without fuss or fanfare, in mid-2012.

The reasoning was simple: agencies were trying to eat the world, and they were doing a terrible job of anything digital. With a focus on volume and margins, this resulted in stressed employees, and low quality work. We knew there was a better way.

The business was born on a fold-out table in a cupboard at home. This would make the business an early remote-work advocate, and allowed the founder to see his young family grow up, not be stuck in an office working late, commuting for hours, with undue pressure from agency overlords.

There were no grand plans for the business, but the resulting years highlighted how attractive this underlying attitude would become. Experienced team members joined, and clients instinctively wanted to work with them.

In recent years the scale of the work has exploded. We’re still not driven by $ (although we know what our worth is) and this means we conceptualize, design and build ‘good’ work. Our long term client relationships are testament to that.

We know that the output is only part of the puzzle when it comes to work, so we have ensured our irreverent culture is never far under the surface.

Our team is made up of highly experienced and knowledgeable people who work across a wide range of technologies.

We work across two arms:

Grade Studio

The Studio arm of the business works with corporate teams, founders, and brands to bring new or enhanced products to market.

We do this by designing and building quality technology solutions that take the form of varied digital applications.

Whilst we often build complex custom solutions, we also integrate with a multitude of platforms as needed.

Grade Ventures

The Ventures arm of the business ideates, designs and builds products and offerings

  • We invest time, money and effort

  • We often collaborate with external founders or organisations bringing new products to market

  • These products (and we have made six at the time of writing) allow us to practice what we preach.