Grade Ventures was born many years ago — we just didn’t notice.

With ample experience in building and growing digital products for others, we started doing it ourselves, often with external collaborators from our growing network.

This has allowed us to do many things:

  • Flex our design and technical muscles

  • Hone in on niche opportunities

  • Work with people and organisations outside of our day to day, and learn from them

  • Put our money and time on the line for products that align with our values

  • Experience being on both sides of the fence when it comes to delivery :)

Ultimately, it’s still all about making good things happen:


Every homeowner has a Dream Price, what’s yours?


Empowering companies to control their marketing material.


The simplest way to get translations done for businesses moving to emerging markets.


Connecting businesses with skilled Indigenous workers.

Stealth LegalTech

Helping lawyers with efficiencies on discrete tasks.

We have more coming – and we’ve already learnt so much to help drive these forward into tangible offerings.

We’re also open and keen to work with those outside of our team.

So if you’re a founder, brand or corporate who wants to explore working on a new business or bring a new product to market, please reach out.