Grade’s multi-faceted platform connects suppliers, customers and food service employees from top to bottom, in one place.

Countrywide represents 120 independent food distributors across Australia. With competition increasing, Countrywide needed to further support these members with innovate programs to protect and increase their customer base.

In addition, a historical reliance on print meant that overheads were high to run loyalty programs with unique content required for various cohorts.

This was further compounded by a lack of clear behavioural data to further influence purchasing behaviours and provide value back into programs runs by Countrywide for its 120 members, servicing some 60,000 customers.

Countrywide appointed Grade to design and build their new InSeason branded web based catalogue and rewards program site from the ground up, while integrating with external 3rd party API’s for customer management, fulfilment and product catalogue data.


  • Designed and built a complex personalised site, integrated with 3rd party authentication, user management and product services

  • Built an intuitive, multi-layered search function to service a complex variety of user cohorts

  • Designed a dynamic content delivery system to ensure the right product ranges are displayed to the right customers

  • Built a robust online catalogue and point redemption system, allowing users to self-manage multiple accounts and sub-users

  • Loyalty program integration for on-site rewards fulfilment, to replace outdated print catalogue

  • Implemented a custom banner hosting and promotion system providing new revenue and cross-sell opportunities

  • Design of the platform for future growth via iterative rollout of new features, products and integrations


  • Over 60k existing members migrated smoothly to the new online platform

  • Countrywide completely replaced print based catalogue with online version from 2021

  • Considerable annual cost savings from a complete print to digital migration

  • Ability for customers to manage and redeem rewards in real time, improving customer satisfaction. 

  • Increased SEO and customer engagement due to new digital communication channels (news, recipes, offers and discounts)