Ending HIV

Grade's ground-up overhaul of the ageing Ending HIV website added powerful new features whilst retaining legacy tools.

The Ending HIV website had been live for a number of years, and was starting to show its age.

Over the years Grade had built enhancements and new features, so we were already very familiar with the existing website.

However, we were keen to approach the task with fresh eyes and new enthusiasm, and so engaged in a far-reaching overhaul that would build on what went before, and which would maintain and incrementally improve some of the legacy features.

Many of the original features were found to have security vulnerabilities, and these were patched up and rewritten wherever necessary.

We've worked with Grade on a number of web projects over the past four years and their work is always of high quality.

"Grade redeveloped the Ending HIV website (endinghiv.org.au). I was highly impressed with what was delivered. The team went to great lengths to improve the UX of the website, building a visually appealing and user friendly mobile responsive site that fulfilled our web brief. "

"They are honest with high integrity. I would recommend Grade for any digital projects."

– Wendy Tsang, Digital Engagement Specialist, ACON