Foxtel All Stars

Grade's integrated mobile web app put sports fans at the centre of the action, allowing them to splice and edit their video footage to turn a backyard dreamer into a star, and then share with friends.

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Foxtel's "All Stars" program encouraged budding football and netball fans to share their skills for the chance to win a spot in an exclusive training program.

Grade's app incoporated a huge amount of genuine footage from Foxtel, into which fans could splice their own name, videos, and text. 

Grade built a suite of filters and editing tools to allow users to get creative and put together a short film they'd be proud to share with friends and family – from adding colour effects to their footage, dropping their name on back of the national team shirt, to adding commentary from leading pundits, the app gave fans the chance to take part at the highest level.

Videos were uploaded directly from the app to the Foxtel All Stars website, where anyone could view, comment or share. Getting people to the site meant more event sign ups and more opportunities for Foxtel to talk to sports fans young and old.