Grade built an extensible e-commerce platform with unique discount & subscription mechanisms on top of a cloud-based catalogue and content management.

Snaffle was launched to support the digital transformation of an established consumer leasing offering. With the market changing, Snaffle was coming head to head with a number of innovative ‘buy now pay later’ competitors.

Their model was seen as an old-school way of doing consumer leasing. 

With their traditional market becoming increasingly savvy and capable of making quick purchase decisions with very little barrier, Snaffle needed to be more relevant to a different type of audience and their behaviours.

In addition, Snaffle had to combine a number of existing brands under the one ‘new’ roof to ensure their 5 year growth plans were going to be met.


  • Working with their brand team and agency partner, we applied the new look and feel in a fun, vibrant way

  • Given an extremely high percentage of mobile visitors (>80%), we applied mobile-first design methodology to create flexible page layouts, coupled with a modular headless content management system (CMS)

  • The highly customised and extensible CMS allows the Snaffle team to publish timely regular updates to an ever-changing, large catalogue of retail products

  • A recently released custom subscription system is helping build user acquisition and retention

  • An ongoing customer growth strategy is supported by in-depth use of analytics, A/B testing and ongoing page optimisation

  • Our modern approach to the solution architecture means new features are rolled out with zero downtime